It’s the Little Things… Hey Cisco Wireless!

When an administrative account is used to access a Cisco wireless controller, one of two things have happened. Either a legitimate admin has logged in to do config work or to view settings or whatever, or someone has gotten hold of an admin credential and your organization has bigger problems than simply protecting the pre-share key on PSK Wi-FI networks.

My question for Cisco: why can’t paying customers with proper admin credentials see their own PSK keys? Whatever “protection” is in play here is far outweighed by the nuisance of not being able to visually verify or recall what these keys are, says I.

No PSK show

You’ll notice there is no toggle to show the key. You either write it down somewhere, or do a lot of re-creating PSKs if the entered value gets lost. Sounds like maybe no big deal? I disagree. Given the dumbing down of client devices in the name of IoT and BYOD, PSK networks aren’t going away anytime soon and WLAN is only getting more popular. For some customers, hundreds of PSK networks are in play, so it can be a very big deal.

It’s time for Cisco to trust us to see our own PSK strings (and no, they don’t show in CLI, either) and to not worry that bogeymen might be standing behind us waiting to write these down.

I can’t recall another UI that doesn’t let you see the PSK. Here’s Meraki:

Meraki PSK

Whatta ya say, Cisco? Can we please get a view to our own PSK strings? Can we? 

Or am I off-base here? Please comment- and thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things… Hey Cisco Wireless!

  1. Frank

    Seems like a pretty reasonable request to me. All it would take is one embedded device that requires a vendor to roll a truck to update the PSK key to make losing it a nightmare.


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