About Wirednot

cwneThank you for reading and commenting on this blog. Written by Lee Badman (CWNE #200), the goal of the Wirednot blog is to express the independent opinions of a busy WLAN architect as he sees the IT world evolving- for better or worse. Conversation is certainly welcome, especially opposing views.

Like comic strips? Check out Oh Mystical Fithe official (and often silly/offensive) illustrated Wirednot rant.

Lee also happens to be the President of Wirednot, LLC, a small but busy consulting company he tends to outside of his day job.

Finally, Lee blogs/writes professionally for IT Toolbox, Network Computing, and other outlets.


What’s the background picture on this blog?
These are radio towers that I photographed in the hills above Port au Prince, Haiti.

Last word- are you studying something? Everyone in IT ought to be, by golly. If you’re in the WLAN game, consider the CWAP-402 study guide, which I happened to have edited.

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