From where I sit, there is soooooo much to poke fun and scratch your head at coming out of San Jose. Sure, technology is evolving impressively. But the cats in Silly Valley have utterly lost their minds in other regards. We’re awash in buzzwords, and if you wait long enough you’ll need a license to buy licenses to license your licenses. Hardware companies are calling themselves software companies, and the software they produce can be frustrating as all get out while TCO climbs and we get less for our dough in the name of innovation. It goes on and on…

So laugh at it, or let it bug you- as I wrote about here.

It’s one thing to grouse on social media and such, but I happen to know there are a number of people out there with a similar silly sense of humor, and so I share this collection of videos with them.

Caution- there may be salty language or sophomoric humor in these. You’ve been warned. Don’t like the tone or attempted humor? Move along- I really don’t care. 

Updated occasionally. Watch from the bottom of the list up, is my recommendation. Newest vids on top.