In addition to hundreds of blogs and articles, I have also contributed to, or edited, a fair amount of study guides and texts. Among these is the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) Study Guide.

I’ve also started down the road of writing fiction. I just really enjoy writing and have an imagination that won’t slow down. So far I have published The Whales of Yellowstone: One Man’s Life as a Discotheque Clubbing Icon and Fashion God and Cross Lake Tales for Grown-Ups. More will follow.

A wonderfully trippy adventure from start to finish. This is the work of a fantastic imagination or a wild autobiography. Either way, Remington Dickerson is someone you want to know. Thanks for the ride Lee.

Lee is an amazing tech author, and this, as his first work of fiction, is quite interesting. His funny yet thorough style, eclectic and without boundaries, makes for an entertaining read.
Thanks L!

“A cross between Kurt Vonnegut and Steve Martin’s Cruel Shoes”