Don’t Forget About Aruba When Considering Ruckus-Juniper Partnership

Just a few day’s ago I shared the new Ruckus and Juniper announcement. Following that, there were a number of comments out and about predicated on the notion that Juniper must have severed ties with Aruba (connected to HP’s acquisition of Aruba). I have to admit, I too assumed that Juniper and Aruba were no longer pals when I heard the Ruckus news… Ah, but things are not always what they might seem.

I did get a reach-out today reminding me that Aruba and Juniper ARE VERY MUCH still an item, despite the Juniper/Ruckus teaming. (Yeah, it does sound a bit odd, doesn’t it?) What differentiates Juniper/Aruba from Juniper/Ruckus? According to a well-place Aruba camper:

Unlike the agreement between Ruckus and Juniper which is a “meet in the channel” rather than resale agreement, Aruba remains the only partner that is technology-integrated with Juniper.

– Aruba and Juniper will continue joint development efforts and go-to-market collaboration, with the goal of providing open, innovative solutions for the enterprises.

– Collaboration to integrate Aruba mobility solutions with Juniper enterprise switches and routers will continue, delivering ongoing product innovation, simplified management, visibility and policy across company product lines to streamline recurring network operations.

Hmmm. Again, that’s how Aruba sees it. Which in itself has a weird vibe, knowing that Ruckus is also on the same dance floor- but what the heck. Hopefully there’s enough demand and use casses to go around for everyone involved. The Aruba contact also reminded me that The Letter signed by both Juniper and Aruba CEOs is still valid, in case anyone was assuming otherwise.

2015 04 – Joint Aruba Juniper Letter from CEOs-FINAL

It’s certainly been an interesting year for wireless, and we’re only half-way through 2015!

(See Network Computing’s article on the same, by Editor Marcia Savage)

Any thoughts on Juniper’s relationships with both Aruba and Ruckus for WLAN?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget About Aruba When Considering Ruckus-Juniper Partnership

  1. Frank

    My thoughts, in no particular order:

    * I’m always deeply sceptical of the kind of deep integration originally promised in the Juniper/Aruba partnership:

    I’ve seen vendors have difficulty doing that kind of integration between two of their own in-house silos. Doing it between two unrelated vendors, and having it be a) reliable enough to roll out to production, b) sustained for more than a year or two after the initial release, and c) able to offer enough value to justify the additional complexity seems like a pipe dream to me.

    * The Ruckus/Juniper solution brief certainly looks solid, but appears to me to boil down to restating the obvious fact that a solid wireless and solid wired network are both critical to delivering service to end users. I don’t see it promising anything tomorrow that anyone couldn’t already do by selecting same the two vendors yesterday.

    * One obvious difference between Ruckus and Aruba is that Aruba also sells edge switches, unlike Ruckus. I haven’t done more than peruse the data sheets, but at least on paper they stack up well with Juniper’s campus edge portfolio. Perhaps Juniper felt that partnering with someone else with a little less product overlap might be prudent marketing?

    * I lived through every generation of wireless that Nortel Networks either sold, or resold. I had my Trapeze based hardware through four different vendors, between partnerships and acquisitions. I can conclusively say that sticking yet another company between you and whoever makes and knows the product, especially with something as high touch as wireless has historically been, sucks, and I will always go straight to the source whenever I can.

  2. wifijt

    And Dell still sells OEM Aruba gear…. Big companies don’t like to make a scene when they break up.


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