NDP and You; A Continuing Saga

Do you use Cisco WLAN solutions? This one is a must-read.

Thank you to Jim and Rowell for the depth, and for Nigel to getting this in front of me.

I Don't Know Squat About Networking

So a couple of months ago I wrote a blog about how I came to discover the Wi-Fi community of CWNP, Wireless LAN Professionals, and WLPC.  In that blog I discussed a different blog that I found about Cisco NDP that was written by Rowell Dionicio from Packet 6.  That blog was the start of a journey that led me to CWNP and my 9 month struggle with Cisco TAC.  Since I know enough to not say this is the conclusion of that journey, I will just say this is the next part of my NDP journey.

For starters, read this blog by Rowell.  It’s what started my journey and it is the basis for the experience I went through over the past 9 months, fighting with TAC, learning more about background processes that happens in a Cisco Wireless LAN deployment.  Read this, then come back and I’ll attempt to…

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