Looking Forward to Cisco’s New WLAN OS

The market-leading WLAN company has all kinds of exciting stuff coming down the roadmap. SDN, DNA Center, intuitive stuff. It makes for great PR. But what REALLY excites me is the thing that no one is talking about.

The thing that has me most jazzed simply MUST be being worked on.

I’m talking of course about the new WLAN operating system that Cisco must be developing ahead of trying to hook their customers up with APIs and automation wizardry.

They couldn’t be planning on using the current controllers and horrifically buggy WLAN operating system as building blocks for a fresh Digital Network Architecture- could they? Could they?

For the love of cheese, they just couldn’t.  Which means, there MUST be a new OS coming.


I’ll even be happy to be a beta tester (kinda like I am already, without ever volunteering to be).



6 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Cisco’s New WLAN OS

  1. CablingOptional

    Couldn’t have said it better myself – love it!

    Like how it’s 2018 and we still can’t sort most of the columns in WLC reports? Like how in some reports we can sort, dates and times sort as text?

    Like how you see the new simpified GUI and think this leading vendor has finally seen the light and is Merakifying things, but soon realize those fancy charts and graphs have no time periods defined? Oh sweet, this client has used 1.5 GB in the last….hour, day, week, this session, since last WLC reboot….ever?

    Maybe if a small percentage of the budget spent on marketing or sales were invested in developer teams…I digress…

  2. T.J.

    I tried out the latest WLC code over the last few weeks, after quite a while of not using it really seems like nothing has changed. It makes me want to lose my mind.

  3. haydnandrews

    I’m with you but for the love of god when they beta test it, listen to the beta testers and fix what they find before you release it to production.
    I’m sick of beta testing in production (and not even having direct access to the BU to report the faults).
    Cisco should run beta code across their internal campus network including the C level positions and bet they provide stable code releases then

  4. Thomas

    Funny! Has Aruba not just been announced leader by Gartner. 10 years and still the same inflexible interface but wait we have Prime or. Not to mention failed new architectures trying to lock customers in. The episodes from “Silicon Valley” where Hooli wants to make “the box” says it all about Cisco wireless – they don´t care about wireless and their latest was funny enough a new wireless controller box. Cut away 3 controllers and move either parts of or the whole management plane to the cloud.

  5. Jim Vajda

    If COS AP’s are running a new linux OS and Mobility Express runs on them, it appears that they have already released it. Once there is feature parity, perhaps there will be a full release for WLC’s.


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