New WLAN Conferences To Consider

This is a quick and dirty blog on new/newish events that I’m sure many of you are not aware of:

Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (#WLPC on Twitter). I’m attending my second one in early February, and it is THE Wi-Fi “doers” event to go to if you can only do one a year. Also does a European session in the fall.

Wifivaganza in Europe. I’ve not been, but the feedback has been positive. coming up soon.

CWNP IT Professional Wi-Fi Trek, in September. Looks great, and with CWNP behind it, you know it’s gonna be good.

Finally, watch for developing Wireless Field Day news- I highly recommend watching the WFD videos as they frequently show the pulse of the industry as taken at vendor sites in the Silicon Valley.

Please share YOUR favorite Wi-Fi oriented conference!

2 thoughts on “New WLAN Conferences To Consider

  1. John

    I can’t believe the WLPC got under my radar! Ok well, baby #2 in November and the lead up to that event had and still has my head frazzled. I did attend the 1st Anual CWNP conference last September and enjoyed it very much. The speakers were great as we’re all the attendees. Damn I wish I could be in Texas next week for the WLPC!! Gotta make a note now so as to not miss next year’s. Sooooo many goodies to be had. Sooo many great speakers! *sniff*


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