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As a long-time IT writer, I’ve had the opportunity to cover a lot of ground. Find my professional freelance work at I’ve Network Computing, IT Toolbox, SearchNetworking, and at least a half-dozen other outlets. I’ve had the honor of being professionally published hundreds of times, and I try to be a gonzo bloggist– telling the story first-hand, as a live, participating human being with opinions and perspective who is very much in the thick of the narrative- not just someone regurgitating marketing hype and over-blown factoids.

In December ’15, I was named as one of “40 leading IT ops experts to follow in Twitter” by TechBeacon.

I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on a few different shows, podcasts, etc. In no specific order, and far from a complete collection…

Thanks very much for reading.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time talking with the awesome Packet Pushers hosts Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro, along with the great technology journalist Glenn Fleishman.

The honor was mine. The topic was the original FCC/Marriott debacle. And you can listen here.


As a guest on Rowell Dionicio’s Clear to Send Podcast

Videocast at Interop 2014 (Las Vegas)- On the Fly Wi-Fi

Speaking about white-box WLAN Guest Access at WLPC Conference in Dallas

Pre-Interop Interview 

Air Magnet Webinar
(I was feeling pretty crappy that day:)

I did two sessions at WLPC 2016 (Feb ’16) in Phoenix, links to be provided soon.

Watch for me at Mobility Field Day 1, in Silicon Valley in April of ’16.

Mobility Field Day 2, WLPC videos (not sure where 2018’s went)

Mobility Field Day 3 (2018)

September 2018- PacketPusher Podcast, Ekahau .11ax Webinar, Cisco Radio Broadcast (links to come)

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