#WIFIQ on Twitter

If you participate in Twitter, watch for the daily WIFI Question. I use the hashtag #WIFQ, and participation and discussion among WLAN professionals has been wonderful. If you’d like to have a question asked, DIrect Message (DM) me at @wirednot.

Some days feature dozens of responses, others have hundreds of responses and lots of spin-off conversations. It’s a non-threatening arena to share with others in small bites, and as usual with the Wi-FI community you’ll find a great mix of opinion, humor, contention, and education.

I’m extremely thankful for all of those on Twitter that participate. People are coming together to not just offer input, but great sub-discussions are happening often and people are networking with each other just a bit in the process. Great stuff. Please- stop by and check out the daily (M-F) #WIFIQ!


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