UAS (Drone) Ops

cayugaI have been a licensed FAA Part 107 drone operator since March 2018. This is a profoundly fascinating space that I hope to become ever more active in. So many areas of science, technology, and human nature come together here…

Here are my thoughts on getting started if anyone is drone-curious.

Meanwhile, I wrote these over the last couple of years.

If you are on the customer end, contemplating drone services, give this free document a read. I developed it to help people interested in what drones can do for them to start the process with the right perspective.

And.. I’ve opted to go with a manual logbook versus an electronic version for commercial work. I’ve also discovered this resource for helping you- IN ADDITION TO THE SECTIONAL CHARTS- as a Part 107 pilot to stay legal.

As I pick up steam here, I’ll share any major milestones that might help others with the same interest.

These are all just examples. It’s restrictive as hell anymore, and just getting worse.       See laws in all states here.

The AirOrange fleet: Clementine and Mango Avenger 



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