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Apple TV Without Bonjour? Thank you, Apple!

At long last, many an Enterprise WLAN admin can breathe a bit easier when users in their environments want to use Apple TVs.

It’s natural to wince at the thought of trying to make the Bonjour protocol fit in to network environments that it was never meant for, Finally, after twelve years of Bonjour, Apple is throwing us a bone on the latest versions of Apple TV code (caution-the Mac and iOS devices connecting to the TV need to be code-updated as well).

Here’s what the Apple Insider has to say on this excellent development.

Also, here’s the first ever Wirednot podcast (about 11 min), and while I tighten up the process I didn’t want to wait to say thanks to Apple, for all of the years I’ve been complaining about this topic.


Or download MP3 file.

Thanks for listening- and wondering if anyone else is impressed by the new Apple TV connection mechanism?