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Announcing #WIFIQ 2.0

I’ve heard the cries of anguish. I know the many lives that have been ruined and rendered meaningless since I announced the end of #WIFIQ on Twitter at the end of last year. I too have lived in silent agony since the daily discussion exercise went dark, even though that darkness was of my own making.

I’m well aware of the value that others have found in #WIFIQ, and I again thank all of the individuals and organizations like iBwave who have said kind things about #WIFIQ.

And now… I’m happy to announce that #WIFIQ is back, baby!

But going forward, the NEW version of #WIFIQ will not flow from my muscular, impressive fingertips. Ah, the stories those fingertips could tell…  *Ahem* It’s time for fresh minds to take up the cause, and I’m tickled to announce that the Wireless LAN Association (WLA) has expressed the desire to bring back the good thing that is #WIFIQ.

I’m not sure exactly how the WLA will originate their questions, or if they will take input like old guy who did #WIFQ did. But I do know the men and women of the WLA are good folks with great minds, and I haven’t a worry in the world that they will do justice to the #WIFIQ concept.

If you don’t yet follow the Wireless LAN Association on Twitter, get yourself hooked up with @WLANAssociation handle and standby for #WIFIQ and related news as they re-prime the pump of wireless knowledge, fellowship, and goodness.

I salute you, WLA.


On Twitter and Wi-Fi Minded? Look for #WIFIQ

I was a Twitter skeptic early on. It was confounding to me how this framework could have any professional or organizational value at first pass, but I caught on quick. After inheriting someone else’s support-oriented Twitter mess to straighten out a few years ago, I learned that there is actually something to this social media thing… it really does have an element of value when it comes to learning from, promoting (and being promoted by), and interacting with other IT professionals of all skills and backgrounds.

OK, enough on the Twitter sales pitch. If you’re not using it, I encourage you to give it a try and discover for yourself a vibrant, active, dynamic community of professionals that share your interests. And if you’re already on Twitter and have a yen for wireless networking, I encourage you to look for the daily #WIFIQ – which is the hashtag for the Daily Wi-Fi Question. This is an informal but interesting discussion on an offered topic that has gained steam of late. It works like this:

Every morning (US eastern time) I throw out a #WIFIQ. It may be of my own making, or come from someone else who has DM’d me to have their question asked. Then anywhere from a few to a few dozen WLAN professionals that are interested in voicing their opinion and experience chime in throughout the day. It’s a pretty interesting exercise, and typically several countries, skill levels, and viewpoints are represented.

This is certainly nothing earth-shaking, nor is it meant to be. There’s already a lot of fantastic, viral discussion happening on Twitter, but the #WIFIQ brings just a little bit of something to spark people into a common discussion thread, and it’s all about respectfully sharing and engaging with a lot of really smart, humorous, and friendly folks with a passion for all things Wi-Fi on a daily basis. If you choose to be a regular, good for you. And if you pop in on occasion, your thoughts are equally as valued for whatever is being talked about that day. And by using the #WIFIQ hashtag, you can search on discussions you missed, if you are so inclined.

Interested? Get on Twitter, and get in on the daily #WIFIQ. It’s a little thing that has sparked great dialogue, and is guaranteed to get you talking with others that you may not have another reason to.

We’re in the business of connecting people, after all…