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Start the New Year With a Six-Pack of WLAN-Related Blogs You May Not Know About

Man, there are soooo many smart people out there doing wireless networking. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you have no trouble bubbling up at least a few names of people who are seen and heard often in the WLAN community. Maybe they are very active on social media, or frequently present at conferences, or have a podcast that you enjoy. We’re fortunate in this realm to be in the company of awesome folks that are happy to share of their knowledge and of their opinions/philosophies on matters that matter to us.

As 2018 kicks in, I’d like to direct your attention towards a half-dozen blogs that might not currently be on your radars. I’ve come to know of these from different circumstances for each, but have found value in all of them.

I hope you find some interest among these. I try to keep a lookout for interesting content that may not be getting strongly promoted. If you know of any decent blogs that may not typically be listed on the usual blogrolls. please share in the comments.