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Results of the Wirednot Blog WLAN Pro Survey

As promised to those following, the survey of WLAN professionals work experiences, preferences, etc. has ended and it’s time to share the results. An up-front thank you to those who participated.

About the Survey, getting participation

In the WLAN industry, there tends to be a lot of chatter about products and trends, but not so much about We the Wireless People. The survey was meant to let us view ourselves against our colleagues in the wireless space, on an eclectic mix of topics. Though there were only 33 questions, they did yield at least a couple of hundred data points when said and done. The point? Well, the point is yours to define, seize, and take away.

I used my favorite free survey tool, from Toluna Quick Surveys. It took about 25 minutes to craft this, and “distribution” took the form of:

  • 12 Tweets by me, lots of retweets by others (again, thank you)
  • 3 postings of the survey link on LinkedIn
  • 2 postings on the Educause higher ed listserv
  • 1 mention during my Interop session on cloud-managed networking in NYC

It ran for 6 days, and we ended up with 342 respondents from over 35 countries. (My own informal goal was at least 200 replies, and I’m thrilled we hit over 300.) It should be noted, very little prevented the same user from responding more than once, so there is an element of “honor system” in play.

What does the data tell us?

I won’t give too much away, as the results make for a nice combined data set. At the same time, here are a number of points that I found interesting:

  • 17% of all respondents do only wireless
  • 47% have no wireless training certs
  • Over half have no involvement with Point-to-Point bridging
  • 3 unfortunates feel like they are living a lie when it comes to their skillsets
  •  26% have experience with Single Channel Architectures
  • 30% see no value in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for wired/wireless
  • 35% say Apple products are not worth the price tag
  • 84% DO NOT (or rarely do) wireless side work
  • 31% use Google Voice
  • 58% expect 1-2 current WLAN vendors to fold in the next 24 months

Now that you’ve had a taste, take a look at the entire survey here

And again, much gratitude to those who took the survey, and propagated it’s distribution. We might have got even more response, but 27% who replied don’t use Twitter!