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Get To Know MetaGeek, Look at Your WLAN As You Really Should

MetaGeek is one of those companies you love crossing paths with. Their staff have titles like Hacker, Geek, Firefighter, and so on. Everyone from MetaGeek I’ve ever met, be it at events like Interop or more recently Wireless Field Day 5, speaks with pride and openness. Their presentations and pitches never feel rehearsed, and you know that this is a company made up of believers in MetagGeek’s products and future. And- they always have that “Idaho Vibe” that you gotta love, once you know how to recognize it.

At Field Day 5, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Woerz and Stoney Tuckness, as they demoed the MetaGeek line, talked about some of the decisions that went into the specifics of their approaches, and queried us Field Day delegates  about what we would like to see in future products and feature sets. Chris and Stoney work fast building rapport with the crowd, and it’s obvious that those in the room adore the MetaGeek line.

About MetaGeek’s Offerings

I’ve used the original Wi-Spy, the freebie InSSIDer on every platform that will run it, and Eye PA in my wireless networking duties. At Field Day, Stoney proclaimed that MetaGeek likes to provide “kick ass visualizations”, and I can attest that they hit that target. Whether you want to see simple spectral views on what’s happening in Wi-Fi’s 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, a unique, powerful visual front-end to 802.11 packet capture, or advanced interference detection integrated with Cisco’s respected CleanAir, MetaGeek has you covered. Every good WLAN engineer wants there to be no mystery to what’s going on with the RF in their environments, and Metegeek nicely demystifies the complex.

Cool, fairly-priced tools are one thing, but then there’s general knowledge about wireless networking. I’m guessing  a fair number of MetaGeek customers aren’t aware of the online forums the company provides. Here you’llfind  a wide range of information on WLAN in general, and lots of tips on using MetaGeek’s stuff. It’s worth the visit.

As the 802.11ac clouds gather over the WLAN landscape, things in the RF domain are about to get much busier, and more complicated. Understanding what’s going on truly benefits from seeing  what your RF “looks” like through the lens of good tools. If you have no MetaGeeks’ utilities in your toolbox, you’re missing out on powerful magic at a fair price.