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Document That Small Business Network Environment- Whether You Are the Customer or Provider

Small networks can still be complicated. But too often a slew of information that should be recorded for the benefit of the customer and the technology providers gets overlooked, because… well, it’s small.  That is, until the environment needs to be troubleshot or serviced in some way, and big questions can arise from sloppy or lacking initial documentation.

See the article I wrote on the topic at IT Toolbox, or skip write past it and check out a simple version of a checklist you might use to get you started when making sure the important documentation basics are covered when buying or providing a small business network.

This isn’t meant to be comprehensive or all-inclusive, but it is the kind of information I make available to my own small-site customers. It gives us a common frame of reference, and empowers the customer to better understand what they just purchased (which I find they almost always have been frustrated with from “the last guy”).