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Awesome Radio Hobby Magazine, and a Bit of Chagrin

A few years back, I looooved a magazine called Monitoring Times. It was awesome, and stood out among radio hobbyist periodicals for how well-written, relevant, and content-rich it was every month. I had the pleasure of interacting a couple of times with Bob Grove, an absolutely wonderful gent and man behind Monitoring Times. I even wrote for him a couple of times- here’s a scan of one of my Monitoring Times articles.

Bob retired himself and the magazine in 2013. He shut down Grove Enterprises, and I hope him and wife Judy are doing well after all they’ve given to the radio community. I went through withdrawal when Monitoring Times  went out of circulation, I was such a radio nerd… Since then, I’ve found some sporadic content that came close on occasion to the type I liked in Monitoring Times- but never really found a replacement.

Until now.

Here’s the rub- a decent follow-on came out RIGHT AFTER my old favorite went away, yet somehow I missed it. I missed the 2013 announcements that Monitoring Times’ Managing Editor Ken Reitz was publishing a PDF-based magazine called The Spectrum Monitor. I feel like a bit of an idiot!

Well, late than never, says I. Now that I have found it, The Spectrum Monitor already feels like an old friend. I subscribed, I bought back issues, and I’m in my glory. Ken has done a fantastic job keeping the essence that worked so well in the old rag, and has built well on it with the new.

If you’re a radio nerd or aspire to be one, I highly recommend filling your preferred reader app full of The Spectrum Monitor.