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Today, On The Ubiquiti Show…

Today I learned that a freakishly rich dude runs Ubiquiti, and hats’ off to Mr. Robert Pera for the success of his company. I also caught the interesting mention of Ubiquiti as part of Motorola’s bombshell today- the one about Moto wanting to exit the WLAN business stage left:

“It’s a tough market. It’s being squeezed from the top by Cisco and from the bottom by Ubiquiti,”
-Anonymous Quotee

That Ubiquiti is declared a book-end that is squeezing the market from one end while giant Cisco works the other is fairly flattering to a WLAN company that many industry folks consider “not quite Enterprise grade”. Personally, I kind of like Ubiquiti’s approach and recognize the attractiveness of their price point as an occasional Ubiquiti customer and admin. ( I also recently chuckled out loud at the slick Golden AP campaign.) My own main beef is Ubiquiti’s all-over-the-place PoE strategy– it’s just maddening at times to guess which goofy little brick goes with which radio unit.

Now, Ubiquiti is in the router business, too, and is embarking on an interesting campaign to help network the rural parts of the US (and the world) that are minus broadband, with it’s Ubiquiti World Network. It’s a noble goal, and we’ll see how it plays out. Here’s the FAQ’s, ma’am.

I do know that price very much counts in depressed markets, having personally done networking in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and price is one area where Ubiquiti shines.

I also know that I’m not the the only one who can’t quite figure Ubiquiti out, as they don’t tend to be part of mainstream WLAN market discussions. Yet Mr. Pera’s baby seems to be gaining traction in a competitive space that is about to shed a big name like Motorola… Ubiquiti will certainly stay interesting to watch, at least for a while.