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Quick Hits: Bradley Chambers Blog, FrontRow Update, Ventev, Edgewater Wireless

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not a huge fan of “aggregation” blogs. At the same time, every now and then you find yourself with an interesting mix of topics that you want to share, so what the heck. See if you find value in any of these…

Bradley Chambers Blog

I’ve never met Bradley Chambers, but he seems like a nice bloke. Brad is nice enough to occasionally respond to the daily #WIFIQ exercise on Twitter, and always has well-reasoned input (he’s @bradleychambers on Twitter).  For that, I thank him- but I also just found Brad’s blog Chambers Daily, and it’s worth reading if you are unfamiliar but have an interest in technology.

FrontRow Wearable Camera Gets a Neat Upgrade

Voice Memo ULabs (part of Ubiquiti) keeps making their FrontRow camera more feature-rich. yesterday, I upgraded mine to get the voice memo capability, which I’ve been waiting for. It works well, and it’s awesome that ULabs is listening to customer feedback.

There’s so much going on in this little gem, it’s pretty impressive. From a range of camera functions and live social media streaming to multi-language translation, Wi-Fi speed test, Spotify and stopwatch capabilities, it just keeps getting better.

Ventev’s VenVolt

Speaking of things getting better, Ventev has answered the demand for a new site survey battery pack nicely with it’s VenVolt product. This one is rightfully getting a lot of buzz among WLAN professionals that do active surveys, and among it’s other features it supports 802.3at PoE for latest gen access points. I’ve not used one yet, but can still safely say- well done, Ventev.


Edgewater Wireless Scores Kroger Grocery Stores as Customer

If you’re not familiar, Edgewater Wireless is a Canadian company that has actually been around for a while. They call their magic WIFI3, and I’ll admit to having struggled at times to understand some of their performance promises as I’ve read their PR announcements. But this one is easy to digest- Edgewater has landed the American grocery retailer Kroger as a customer. That’s big stuff.

And with that, I’ve emptied my buffers. Thanks for reading!.

Something Different From Ubiquiti- FrontRow

Ubiquiti is a fairly well-known name in the network world as a provider of interesting, innovative network gear at often ridiculously attractive prices. There’s always something new from Ubiquiti around the corner, be it in networking and Wi-Fi, point-to-point bridging, video surveillance, or even solar- while the older stuff tends to just roll along working well long after it’s paid for itself with reliable service. I’ve had a busy year using and touching a lot of Ubiquiti gear, but the latest product that I’m using is really a fun diversion.

If I tell you that I’m evaluating a Ubuiti camera, you might first think along the lines of this:


Sure, I’ve got some of that UniFi Video stuff going on, but we’re talking about a different camera, and a different Ubiquiti.

U Labs Gives Us FrontRow

If you didn’t know, there is a consumer division under the Ubiquiti umbrella called Ubiquiti Labs. And they have brought the world the FrontRow camera.


It’s a really interesting device, with a lot of capabilities. The product home page is here. Rather than do “just another review”, let me point you to a couple and then get on to aspects of owning a FrontRow that aren’t mentioned much in the reviews.

There are plenty more reports out there if you look for them. I’m having great fun learning to use FrontRow not just in all the social/sharing ways it was intended, but also as a work accessory to photograph and video different work sites and network settings I have business in. It frees up my hands, and lets me record without trying very hard. FrontRow also happens to have a decent  dual-band Wi-Fi radio built in!

Customers Have a Say

Ubiquiti has a great track record of listening to their customers, and providing avenues for feedback to get to product managers. The FrontRow user community pages are full of how-to, testimonials, shared discussions between customers and company staff on what functionality should be added to the product, and a lot more.FrontRowForum

I’ve had roadmap discussions with the FrontRow folks as I get to know the device, and have also engaged FrontRow support on a technical question. Though I can’t spill secrets, I can tell you that energy behind development for the FrontRow is strong and that even more functional goodness is on it’s way. And, the support folks are quick to respond, polite, and not quick to dismiss your concerns- that’s a bonus on consumer-grade products.

Time will tell how much a semi-social fellow like me will make use of FrontRow’s sharing capabilities, but so far I’m enjoying the occasional Facebook Live and Story Mode capabilities the most (beyond simple photo/video recording).

I’d be interested in hearing from other FrontRow users- please feel free to comment.