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How to Melt Your Private Parts With Wi-Fi

There has been a lot of press lately about the perceived dangers of Wi-Fi. For example, Forbes ran this one earlier in the year. There have been lawsuits about Wi-Fi endangering health. Then you have major vendors like Cisco publishing safety briefings, and online forums where IT professionals debate topics like safe distances from WLAN access points.

And if you need a laugh, give these nutjobs a few minutes of your time.

The truth is, you don’t have to wonder what safe “is” when it comes to transmitters. You can invest some time and learn what existing FCC regulations are on RF safety and how to computationally prove whether a given scenario is safe or not.  Go the lazy route, and with just a bit of information, you can figure it out using online calculators like this one.

But back to Wi-Fi fears in particular. If you’re worried about those wireless access points on the ceiling at work, you might want to forgo considering the use of a new automotive hotspot, lest you tempt the fates to wreak RF-induced havoc on your naughty parts from the Wi-Fi just a few inches away. I’m just sayin’…