A Very Robust, Funky Power Outlet Tower

The product is called the T1, the company is Eshldty (I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce). It’s a power outlet tower… big deal, right? Lots of those on the market. But this one has some unique features in a compact package that I can see being welcomed at home and in a number of business settings.

With 9 outlets, 3 USB ports, one USB-C, you get a lot of charging capability in a well laid-out form factor that takes up little table or shelf space. But… it’s still just a power strip, no?

Let’s get to what made me want to look at this thing.

No, the T1 didn’t work up a sweat here pushing volts- it’s made to be used in wet environments. It’s marketed as both splash-proof, and waterproof, and if you dig in to the companies videos you’ll see them heaving buckets of water at it and even sticking metal tweezers in the outlet to show it protects itself against short-circuits… I can’t promote those experiments as my history and training with electricity won’t let me participate in potentially enabling bad habits. But I did play around a bit with “how night this be beneficial in the real world?” scenarios.

Being a husband and a father, sometimes I’m astounded at how many electrical gadgets make their way into the bathroom. I’ve camped and done outdoor activities where rain and such is inevitable. And I’ve been in restaurants and airports where those cleaning tables and floors frequently push a fair amount of soapy water fairly close to outlet strips on tables, kiosks, and other public areas. All of these might be good fits for the T1’s weatherproofing, and it also is touted as flame-resistant.

Now for the fun stuff: The T1 has a cool embedded LED lighting array that will either react to sound with random multi-color patterns, or you can put it in any one of several night-light or idle patterns. I had more fun with this than I should have in testing.

The unit is built well, and I have come to generally prefer the tower approach to power outlets over strips in general. The USB ports on this seal the deal for me, and I can see it being perfect in hotel rooms as well.

Here’s the official specs from Eshldty :

– IPX6 waterproof
– Built-in RGB Music Rhythm Light, 9 special color effects
– 9 &12 fully protected outlets (model-dependent) can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other
– Support Fast Charging, Includes 3 USB outlets that support 2.4A fast charging and a Type-C port with 20W PD fast charging (Type-C port is designed to charge the new iPhone 12)
– ETL Listed and FCC Certificated

The T1 is brand-spanking new to the market. Here’s where you can find out more. I don’t tend to get all that excited about consumer-grade products like this, but the T1 really does have the potential to fill other niche scenarios as well.

Tell me what YOU think.

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