Hey Everyone- Matt McDarby Is Now Head of Sales!

Let’s give it up for Matt McDarby… (round of applause!)

Wait- you don’t KNOW Matt McDarby? Have you been living under a rock? He’s Matt Freakin’ McDarby, you idiots. He’s only the goddam Head of Sales for Fidelus.

OK… what’s Fidelus? Yeah… I don’t know either. But I do know that they GO THE EXTRA MILE because this email tells me so:

extra mile

They went the EXTRA MILE to put spam in my inbox… I have no previous relationship or contact with the Fidelus company, but GOING THE EXTRA MILE must mean sending out shitloads of unwanted email when someone like Matt Freakin’ McDarby becomes Head of Sales. Thanks for keeping me in the loop, Fidelus. Thanks for GOING THE EXTRA MILE.

I’m guessing that Matt himself is unaware that the company that he is Head of Sales for happens to be sending out spam email in his name. He looks like a nice fellow, and he wrote a book.

Matt McDarby

Cheers, Matt- congrats on the new gig.

But for all you HR/Marketers/Social Media types out there, I hate to break two truths to you…but:

  • The rest of the working world has absolute zero interest in who is your Head of Sales, or any other exec. Sorry…
  • Spraying us with Ego-Stroking spam may or may not endear you to Matt McDarby, but it just pisses us off. You really aren’t going THE EXTRA MILE. These actions make you no better than spam callers trying to extend the warranty on my vehicle.



Except I never subscribed to begin with. Piss off, Fidelus Spam Team.

And good luck to you. Matt McDarby.

2 thoughts on “Hey Everyone- Matt McDarby Is Now Head of Sales!

  1. wirednot Post author

    It’s spam death by a thousand emails, I tellya. I understand that every bigwig needs a huge announcement when they move around, but the spam that goes with it is ridiculous.


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