It’s Time Has Come: So Long, #WIFIQ

A few years ago, I tried an experiment on Twitter. I threw out a question related to wireless networking, hoping to get a few people to reply and to start an exchange of ideas on that topic. Then the next day, I did it again. Then… one of the smartest, nicest gents I’ve ever met said something like “people seem to like this daily mini-roundtable- why not give it a hashtag and a date?” So I did, and #WIFIQ was born. If you’re not familiar, here’s how I described it after it caught fire.


It’s been a great run. There have been sooooo many excellent conversations spawned by the #WIFIQ thing, with new friendships made and lots of side conversations along the way.  I didn’t realize quite how much #WIFIQ was valued by other people until February 2018 found me being awarded the WLPC Person of the Year award, for contributions to the WLAN community (including #WIFIQ). It was quite humbling to hear from dozens of people afterwards just how much they looked forward to the daily question, whether they participated or just followed along.

Now, I find that I’m kind of  burned out on getting a fresh #WIFIQ readied for every Monday-Friday and then trying to keep the conversational pot stirred throughout the day. It has been my honor to do it, but I’m ready to close down the operation before I start to not like doing it anymore. To those frequent flyers who gave their own participation often, I thank you very much for helping me to carry the ball during this long-running game. For anyone who has ever thrown out an answer, asked a question, or just followed along, you made this venture just a pleasure for me to do for this long.

Thank you, everyone.

One negative by product that came along the way- I’ve come to realize just how intolerant of other opinions some people can be. Whether the topic is some discreet Wi-Fi-related concept, religion, or politics, I’ve seen (and experienced) friendships lost over differences of opinion.  I’ve been thankful for those who can have unpleasant discussions but then walk it back from the edge to be civil to each other tomorrow, and have been astounded when others can’t- those who would rather burn a bridge and go into full-attack mode than concede that their fellow man is entitled to their own opinion. Ah well- human beings can be knuckleheads (that’s all of us).

Going forward, I hope that some of you might use the #WIFIQ hashtag to invite others to engage in conversation. It doesn’t have to be the formal daily thing that I orchestrated, but might just work as a “hey- can anyone comment on THIS?” kind of call to action at any time of day. In my mind it makes sense, but whatever.

I hereby set #WIFIQ free, to be what it will.

Thanks again, and I’ll still be around chattering where I have something to say.



7 thoughts on “It’s Time Has Come: So Long, #WIFIQ

  1. mali77

    Oh man, this is sad I loved WiFiQ and always learned so much from it. But I can understand where you are coming from. I hope WiFi folks would still use it to ask questions and share ideas.

  2. ZWheat

    I always love reading the #wifiq. While I didn’t respond or comment as much as I should have, the info was always valuable. Thank you Lee for the hard work you put into this.

  3. David Coleman

    Oh noooooooI We will miss #wifiq – Thanks Lee for creating and moderating this educational social media behemoth. Any chance someone else would be willing to fill your very big shoes and see it going?

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