4 thoughts on “Et tu, Canon? (or Why We Can’t Have Nice Wi-Fi Networks)

  1. John Steely

    Say goodbye to your entire 2.4G spectrum. And let me guess…this is the default, and you can’t turn it off either?

  2. Mathieu

    Funny as I had to configure the exact same printer model last week. The option are very limited from the WebUI and not easy to figure out with the menu on the device. Can’t even change the hostname or at least haven’t found where yet, only the AirPrint name… But what can you expect from a printer below 50$ anyway…

    In my case I was able to turn off the AP mode and use it to connect infrastructure mode on our guest network. I then enabled the AirPrint and registered it in our ClearPass Guest and shared it in our office AP-Group.

    Problem solved!

    1. wirednot Post author

      Thanks for reading, Mathieu. It‘s pretty amazing the hoops we hop through to get past what amounts to device vendors being just completely out of touch.


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