Something Fairly Significant Coming to the SMB Network Space

April 17 (2018) is the day. Something that has been missing from this end of the market, and from a certain vendor’s product offerings is coming.

I’m not on their payroll, but I know that I like what I see in my eval testing so I don’t mind building the suspense.

Don’t ask what it is, because I ain’t telling. Not until the 17th. And I won’t crack, because I’ve dealt with tougher people than you. Heck, I’ve gotten my ass kicked all over the globe… I didn’t spill the beans then, and I ain’t talking now either, Chump.

You’re dealing with a professional.

But meet me back here on April 17, and I’ll hand over the goods.

Until then… Shhhh.

Tell me what YOU think.

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