2018 #WLPC Person of the Year

OK- Scott got me laughing here. Thanks for the kind words, your own awesome blog, and for helping to make my WLPC experience a blast.

The it Rebel

As we near the close of the 2018 US version of #WLPC, Keith Parsons took to the stage to announce the person of the year. This award was previously held by Adrain Granados, well known maker of the WifiExplorer (and other Mac WiFi tools) within the wireless community. Definitely a hard act to follow.

With so much angst for members of the community, this year the awardee was Lee Badman.

DWp1m-UU0AIi65p.jpg-large 2018 WLPC Person of the Year – Lee Badman

Now, most would agree that Lee has been very influential this past year with his #WIFIQ tweets daily that have sparked some great discussions within the community. But let’s get to know the REAL Lee.

  1. This is no surprise to many, but Lee loves pugs. That’s right pugs. Possibly the least beautiful animal in the genus Canis. I mean, what real man wants a pug? It’s like the animal just ran…

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