To That Guy From 1990 That I Gave $11 To- I Need a Little Help Here

Let me get two points out there straightaway: this post has nothing to do with technology (remember, this is my mostly wireless blog), and I will be making a pitch to help someone in a need. Feel free to bail now, or read on about a decent young man trying to raise some funds.

Reaching Waaaay Back Into the Time-Karma Continuum

In 1990, I was a newly-married young airman in the US Air Force, living in base housing that was detached from Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi. Down the road from my neighborhood on the same street was a low-income neighborhood that we called “The Projects”. One day while my wife was at work, I was fixing my bicycle in the driveway when a resident of the projects walked by, and struck up a conversation that quickly moved to him saying “… and that’s why I need some money. I’ll pay you back when I can.” I don’t remember what his story was, but I do remember he was roughly my age, and I really didn’t believe a word he said.

But I also remember thinking that I had a regular payday coming soon, and this guy probably didn’t. I had no idea where the eleven bucks I would give him would get spent, and didn’t really care. I don’t think of myself as an overly “Christian” person, but every now and then when I see someone needing help, I do what I can. This was one of those times. Lots of people have been kind to me through the years, so I try to give a bit back when I have it to give.

Fast Forward to Today, and Introducing Adrian.

I never saw that money again, but I hope it somehow helped that stranger. On the long-shot chance that he’s reading this (OK, it’s a ridiculous long-shot), or anyone else who believes in Paying it Forward, I want to introduce Adrian. If you’re out there, 1990 Eleven Dollar Guy- please consider giving the eleven bucks I gave you back then to Adrian now.

Adrian Adrian is half-way through his BS degree and pilot training at Embry-Riddle, and circumstances have conspired against him to put his professional future in serious jeopardy. He’s an awesome young man, and he’s trying to do everything right despite some sudden financial challenges.

That eleven bucks would help. So would anything that anyone feels compelled to donate to one of the sweetest young men I’ve ever met.

Adrian’s Go Fund Me page is here. If I didn’t know him personally, I wouldn’t be sharing this.

And thank you who read through this for letting me take a time-out from technology to spread the word.


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