The Unfunny Knock Knock Joke

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Contemporary WLAN-related code.

Nooooo. Just go away.

Come on now. Let’s spend a few weeks together making me work right again.

In the name of all things good and decent, fix yourself and get back to work. I paid a shitload of money for you.

You know better by now… Escalation build! Patch! Super secret patch! Database diddling! Nonsensical workaround! I want it. I want it all!

You realize that you are the systems that are supposed to keep up the system? Not the system that I’m supposed to dedicate my entire freakin life to keeping up because someone built you wrong? You know that, right? 

Pfft. Talk to my developers. You’re lucky to have the privilege of wallowing in my suck. This is market-leading suck.

I don’t have the hundreds of hours per year you need. We may not be the best match. You’re kinda high-maintenance, no offense.

Software company! Software company!

I have other work to do- like real work. I may have to let you sit here, not delivering the value I’m supposed to be getting out of you.

Maybe you need to buy more licenses! I got lotsa license types, so there’s more room for bugs!

Yeah… see, I’m just gonna go now. I guess I really don’t need to see the clients attached to your flagship, cutting edge APs (that we also spent a boatload of money for) on floorplans. And I suppose I can do without that other highly-touted feature we bought- because it actually breaks the network. Just make sure my users don’t get screwed over for basic access, OK? That is actually still a thing, you know.

Escalation build! Patch! Super secret patch! Database diddling! Nonsensical workaround! Upgrade to non-recommended code version! Kock knock.

Ah geeze. We’re looping. Maybe another reboot… 


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