Learning to Use iBwave For Wi-Fi Design

ibwaveHaving been invited to try out iBwave’s suite of Wi-Fi design and survey tools, I couldn’t help but do what any WLAN pro does: immediately start judging it against my current tool of choice. For me, that’s been Ekahau for a lot of years. It didn’t take more than a couple of practice runs with iBwave to get the general feeling that it definitely competes with Ekahau, and I’m guessing that the AirMagnet designer/survey devotees would also reach the same conclusion. Each product will absolutely have advantages and subtle weaknesses when weighed against the competition, but in my mind that competition is legitimate and good for those in the market for quality wireless tools.

Back to iBwave and my journey through their Wi-Fi Suite.I had the pleasure of spending around a half-hour with iBwave’s marketing exec Kelly Burroughs in person (we were at the same conference), and she got me started with both the PC and mobile versions of the design and survey tools. Kelly is awesome, but after we parted ways and I dug in more on the tools, I found myself needing a bit more help. Part of the problem is that my mind is conditioned to use my current tools, and iBwave’s interface is different. It’s actually pretty well designed, having just been freshened up in January of 2017. But if you’re not used to something new that has some complexity, anybody might legitimately need some help. This is where iBwave’s tutorials are effective, and appreciated.

I already know HOW to design and survey. I just needed to learn how iBwave’s tools are leveraged to do that which is otherwise familiar to me. So… about those tutorials- once you start the PC software, you’re presented with very well-done walk-throughs on the major tasks if you need them (as shown below).

iBwave tutorials
These lessons are handy as heck, and did me up well as I got through my early projects.

As iBwave seeks to make a bigger noise in the WLAN design space, they are also coming out with certification training for their customers. iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile training is available now, with iBwave Wi-Fi (for PC) formal training coming in April.
I think we’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more from the company on numerous fronts in the days to come as they try to grow a following for their Wi-Fi tools and a name as not just a DAS design company.

Read my write-up on taking iBwave for a spin here.

5 thoughts on “Learning to Use iBwave For Wi-Fi Design

  1. tmcclintic

    Did you have a chance to work with this feature? “Automatic Error Checking and Warnings.”

    I assume it will notify surveyors of an issue automatically?

    Certainly a great thing to see competition.

  2. Kelly Burroughs

    Hi – It’s Kelly from iBwave , I think I can help answer your question. The error checking shows up when designing , in a ‘Debug Message List’ and include many different types of warnings, errors or info. For example if layout plan properties are not defined, plan scale is not set, max cable length is exceeded (if doing cabling), modeling erors, etc – there is a whole list of them that you essentially indicate if you want enabled or not. I hope that helps!

  3. Keith R. Parsons (@KeithRParsons)

    Lee – thanks for the feedback and your take on the iBwave product. I think it is good to have competition with any groups of technology. It keeps all the players on their toes and moving forward.

    Were you able to compare the same building done with Tamosoft TamoGraph, AirMagnet Survey Pro, Ekahau ESS Pro and iBwave for Wi-Fi to compare and contrast the differences? I’d be interested in seeing how all four of these professional tools compare with each other, not only in terms of ease of use, but accuracy and ‘predictability’ compared with reality.

    Thanks for starting this conversation.

    1. wirednot Post author

      Hi Keith,

      I absolutely did not compare accuracy, nor was I trying to in this exercise as that’s a much more stringent test environment (if done right) and it was not the scope of the project. Would be a really good test. I do not have access to two of the four, nor anyone currently willing to pay for such a test (some things I do gratis, this would be beyond that). But that doesn’t make it any less needed!


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