WLAN Pros Compensation Survey- 11/30/16 Only

My esteemed colleagues at WLAN Professionals are hoping to gather input from the working WLAN community today, November 30. It takes about a minute and a half, and the results could be quite valuable with enough input.

Given that I myself am a WLAN professional, I have taken the survey and am curious to see how my input stacks up against the final conclusions. I’m also happy to promote the survey here on the Wirednot blog.

The official pitch:

Today, Wednesday, November 30th there will be a one-day independent survey to gather information on the current state of compensation in the Wireless LAN community. We respectfully request your participation in this 90-second survey. The current results will be available to all survey takers as they complete the survey for instant feedback. Later, the complete results will freely reported back the entire community.

Thank you for your support and participation!

http://surveymonkey.com/r/wlccs2016 – Wireless LAN Community Compensation Benchmark

Thanks for reading (as always!) and for participating.

Lee Badman
CWNE #200

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