No Thank You, Apple- I Don’t Buy Your Slanted Views on News Headlines

My relationship with Apple products has always been a warm-cold affair. I (mostly) love their device build quality, but loathe that Bonjour hasn’t yet been scrapped by a company that now wants to be seen as an Enterprise player. I’m thrilled with the the under-the-hood resources that the latest Macs have for WLAN support types to leverage, yet I’ve spent more than a decade dealing with Apple’s well-documented Wi-Fi bugs and the deeply flawed “I have an Apple device, if it’s not working right then it must be your network!” mentality that the company has carefully cultivated. The examples are many, and I only claim them as MY OWN feelings on Apple. If you disagree, I respect that. We all have our own frames of reference, live and let live, and all that…

Now, I find myself fed up with not so much a technical issue regarding Apple, but one of politics and what I would call an abuse of power. This takes the form of Apple’s extremely anti-Trump/pro-Clinton views being force-fed to the masses that own iDevices.

I’m not “for” either candidate, as in my mind we have a callous asshat running against a career criminal (you figure out who is who in that equation), and both lie, empty-promise, and shape-shift their way through this gloomy time in American history. But Apple only generally targets Trump with it’s choice of “Siri Suggested” headlines, largely giving Mrs. Clinton a free pass on her own many transgressions and unfulfilled promises. It seems like negative Trump headlines outnumber any mention of Clinton by at least 20:1, and all Clinton headlines are picked from friendly (to her) news outlets like CNN. If there was any modicum of equal shame, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.


I’ve been watching this anything-but-subtle campaign go on for weeks, and I’ve had enough. I opted to shut Apple up when it comes to their attempted swaying of public opinion on the iDevices I use, and you can, too. Here’s how:


It’s this simple:

  • Go to Settings, then General
  • Select Spotlight Search
  • You’ll find “Siri Suggestions” is enabled- simply disable it

After this, you won’t see any news headlines on that “Swipe All the Way Right” page again. You can’t choose what news outlets Apple cherry-picks it’s headlines from, so I opt not to have them pick anything.

In closing- I’m not the only one not digging Apple’s approach to presenting it’s own news selections. A quick search shows many a discussion like this.

(Thanks for reading- and though I have no interest in dragging politics into my blog, I also don’t tolerate unfair play very well. End of rant!)



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