I Can’t Use My New Cisco AP. There’s No Code.


There I was… about to fire up Cisco’s latest rocket-ship AP, the 3800. Ooooh, so nice, and so much promise with flexible radios and sexy features galore. But then a strange thing happened.

no Mr1

I looked at what software I’d need on my controllers to run the 3800s, and saw that I need “8.2MR1”. But when I went to the software download pages, there’s no such thing. There’s other 8.2 code, but nothing called MR1.  The product data sheet said I require MR1, but there is no software in the library named MR1.

Ah well, so close.

But wait… I plugged the 3800 in- you know, just to see what it would do. It joined the controller! How can this be? My code is not “MR1”. It’s some other 8.2 thing…

JUST A COTTON-PICKING MINUTE! Does that mean that this MR1 stuff is actually the SAME as some other code version? And if we stretch that out… might Cisco be referring to the SAME code by different names, depending on whether you are on the downloads page or off looking at some document?

Nah- it can’t be. Because that would be confusing to customers.

Tell me what YOU think.

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