The Soon To Be Famous Cocktail Napkin Wi-Fi Big Picture

Get it while it’s hot… Print this baby out and put it on the break room fridge. Staple it to the helpdesk manager’s forehead so he sees it when he looks in the mirror, or have it printed out on a T-shirt that’s two sizes too small, so it accentuates your six-pack abs. What you’re looking at is the proceeds of a discussion I recently had, where I pontificated about how most “wireless” problems really aren’t wireless problems, even though ALL network problems “feel” wireless to the average user.

The Wi-Fi part of the story certainly can be temperamental on occasion, sure. But on a well-designed Wi-Fi network attached to a well-designed LAN, the overwhelming majority of user problems are going to be individual issues. When things do spin out– and multiple Wi-Fi users feel the pain– that’s when you want to turn to this masterpiece created on my enormous iPad Pro to remember just how complicated “Wireless” can be. (I missed “captive portal” as problem source…)


11 thoughts on “The Soon To Be Famous Cocktail Napkin Wi-Fi Big Picture

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