For $5 a Month, Verizon Wireless Will Give You a Workaround For Their Bug

Reference Number: <removed>
DATE/TIME: 2016-03-09 19:36:29
Chat Transcript

Verizon : Thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless Chat Team regarding your account. How can we help you today?

You : I’m not having luck managing usage control on one of my lines. Keeps saying Function not available now but I need to implement a data control

DAMON : Oh my! I understand your concerns in regards to usage controls. No worries! I will assist you with this matter. Could you provide your mobile number please?

You : Line is <removed>, keeps going way over plan and I want a 2 GB limit on it. Main line is <removed>

DAMON : Thank you for that information. Allow me a moment to check into this matter for you.

You : thank you

DAMON : You’re very welcome!

DAMON : I am showing that the function is unavailable at this time. What I can do is recommend you to FamilyBase. This is a feature that allows you to set limits to calls, texts, and data usage. It is only $4.99 per month with the first month free. Would this be ok?

You : Why would the function be unavailable? That’s the problem I’m trying to get help with

DAMON : There may be a bug that was discovered with it and it is being fixed at this time.

You : For the amount we spend on this plan, I really dont want to spend more on a bug onVerizon side, that doesn’t make sense

DAMON : You’re not. What I can do is check and see what I can do to decrease your bill as well.

You : Please don’t. I don’t want to revisit the plan. I’m looking for a control on one problem line with data, that’s all.

DAMON : The system has a bug which is why it isn’t available at this time. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

You : So shouldn’t the $5 feature, if that’s a workaround, be free?

DAMON : It is free for the first month of use.

You : Right… and then it’s not and we’re paying for a workaround– that doesn’t make sense

You : we pay almost or over $1K per month here, this is really odd to say we have a fee for a broken feature that should be free

DAMON : You would have to wait until the bug is repaired to get the control set.

You : meanwhile the line gets abused and we incur the charges because the control can’t be set, and we’re identifying to you that we need it. We are in a no win. What is ETA for the fix?

DAMON : At the moment, I have not been informed of the ETA.

You : So… we faithfully, for years, pay tens of thousands of dollars on this bill. And when we need help, because there is a system bug, our only option is to pay Verizon to work around that bug with a feature that COULD be offered as a no-cost workaround for a customer need, but Verizon doesn’t see that as an option? Really?

DAMON : The charge is only applied after the free first month of use. You could use the feature until the bug is fixed. There will be no charge if you remove it before the free month is over.

You : This is lunacy. There is no ETA on a bug fix. The onus is on us to cancel the feature to not get charged and likely be right back to incurring overages. Damon, this is nonsense, and is the worst in customer service. It’s just terrible from this end to fathom how this could make any sense to Verizon

Then he bails out… abruptly, with no more dialogue.

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