My Wi-Fi Year in Review:2015

With a new year around the corner, it’s a natural thing to want to “take stock”. On the personal side, my kids are all in good places as they make their ways in the world, I have a wonderful wife, and two agreeable dogs. “It’s all good” is an understatement– I point it out not to boast, but just to say that I feel profoundly blessed. The icing on the cake? I’m fortunate enough to have what I consider to be the best job in the world,  opportunities to spread my wings on occasion, and frequent chances to interface with great people. As I look back on my own 2015, I do so with a smile.

Conferences: I was able to attend the excellent WLPC 2015 conference, and I highly recommend this event to anyone in Wi-Fi. I was also able to return as a delegate to Wireless Field Day 8, which I find to be very enriching to my own understanding of what’s going on in the bigger wireless world (Any time spent with Foskett and Holingsworth is quality time). And though it’s not a conference, I’ve done a lot of micro-networking on Twitter with the daily #WIFQ Wireless Question of the Day. What an incredible daily dose of interaction with a great mix of wireless-minded professionals…

Podcasts: It’s hard to turn down the gents at Packet Pushers when they invite you to participate in a podcast, and that was great fun. Same goes for hanging out with Rowell Dionicio on Clear to Send. Thank you, fellows.

Training: I’ve been spending a fair amount of time teaching and writing and working the last several years, so my formal training efforts have been on hiatus (lots of informal going on though). This year I got a bit froggy, and recaptured my expired CWNA and CWSP certifications from CWNP and also accomplished the CompTIA Mobility+ . I also taught a graduate networking class, which I can assure you is pretty intense and you learn as you teach. More of all next year!

Writing: Has been a busy year here. Between this blog, and my freelance work with Network Computing, IT Toolbox, SearchNetworking and others, I’ve had the great fortune of exercising my love for writing with topics that I find fascinating, and then appreciating the commentary that comes along when readers are interested enough to speak up.

Actual Work: I run a very large WLAN by day, and we’re doing all kinds of exciting stuff. Nothing cutting-edge mind you, but certainly current, with focus on stability above all. On the side, my own little company services a few really neat small networks that bring a mix of technologies together to solve interesting problems in challenging environments. Just phenomenal stuff to have the privilege of doing, in both arenas.

The People:  This year, I’ve skyped with Jussi and Manon, hung out with the WFD crew in person, talked on the phone with Jake and Stew, and had a lot of email/Twitter interactions with people I may not ever meet in person. The students I taught this past semester have taught me as much as I taught them. I spent time in a box at a Bills game with Mike, talked a little Billy Idol with Sam, and have respectfully bantered with lots of smart folks in different arenas. I was able to interface frequently with great editors (Marcia, Sue, and Chuck top the list), meet a diverse mix of people from across the WLAN and network industries, and relish having a great boss for yet another year. I had lunch with Brad, who gave me a shot of inspiration.  I’ve served up Wi-Fi to at least several-dozen-thousand wireless clients in 2015, and talked with some of them directly. This list goes on.

It’s been a good year, and I take none of it for granted.

You might notice that I book-ended this blog with people at the beginning (my family) and people at the end (lots of excellent folks, and those named are but the tip of the human iceberg). Though my Wi-Fi year was busy and diverse for goings on, it’s perpetually the people that make it all worth doing.

Here’s looking forward to more in 2016. Happy New Year, Everyone!


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