Cambium Networks Bridging- Reviewed By Chris Lyttle

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Cambium Networks and hearing what they have going on with Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Wireless bridging. This technology is an absolute game changer for linking your sites and providing services to customers (think Wireless ISP), and in my opinion, very few vendors in this space are as polished as Cambium these days. Of course, Cambium has deep roots in the industry- but you can read more on that in a minute.

At the Cambium session (At Wireless Field Day 8), I was lucky enough to spend time with one of my favorite wireless colleagues, Chris Lyttle. Chris did an excellent review on Cambium’s presentation and offerings, and rather than duplicate his efforts It would be more productive to steer my readers to his write-up, which can be found here. It’s amazing how these products have evolved, and Chris did great with his treatment of Cambium.

Do you do PTP or PMP bridging? Are you a WISP? Have you used Cambium products yet? If so, how have you found them to perform? I’d love to hear from you- and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Cambium Networks Bridging- Reviewed By Chris Lyttle

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  3. Amy Saunders

    Phew, it was such a relief when you mentioned that point-to-point bridging system is similar to wireless ISP in terms of its effectiveness. My boss keeps asking me lately about the need to improve the technical services that our company provides. I guess it’s time for us to refer to an expert regarding this matter so we can satisfy more customers soon.


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