UPDATE: Hey Wireless Professionals- Would You Use…

Breaking news: despite my dashing good looks, tireless ambition, and awe-inspiring brilliance, it seems that another bloke has walked this rode slightly before me.

Ladies and gents, it’s my pleasure to share with you the work of Kevin, the craftsman behind


(which gets me off the hook!) Kevin’s discussion board looks well laid out, and I’d encourage you to join it if my original idea caught you interest.


My man Wi-Fi Nigel floated an idea: there’s so much excellent banter among those interested in wireless networking on Twitter that it might be nice to have someplace else to leave bigger comments, and have longer-running discussions. Perhaps a place where wireless’ most vocal can lay down their ideas and knowledge, and where anyone- ANYONE- can get in on the WLAN discussion and share ideas.

This would be a like if Twitter and the Airheads forum had a lovechild kinda thing, except all vendors and wireless technologies would be fair game. Though I’m smitten by the notion, I understand the potential for overload between all the various online niches competing for your attention. So I ask you- would something easy to use and lightly moderated be of interest? Here’s a mock-up:

WLAN Chatter

With live link to it here (it’s really just constructed to show the idea, right now).

To be worth doing, there’d actually have to be interest across the various wireless communities that manifest themselves on Twitter, in Higher Ed (like the Educause folks) etc.

Please leave a comment on whether you think this sort of cross-vendor, all comers-welcome, framework would or wouldn’t be worth bringing to life, and we’ll see what it looks like after a couple of weeks.

Thanks for participating!

11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hey Wireless Professionals- Would You Use…

  1. Frank

    Count me in. Tagging for for things like vendor and what vertical would be nice, but there’s plenty of room for a good non vendor sponsored forum.

  2. TJ McClintic


    This could be very useful as most discussion areas are vendor specific. I would also like to see a repository (think wiki) of information regarding wireless and vendor information. It would be fantastic to have a one stop place that one could review the news of all the major players in all wireless outreaches.
    Having all the major contributors come together and make a single source location for information would most likely grow into a large community.

    I look forward to seeing this, and let me know if I can assist in any way.


    TJ McClintic

  3. Bruce

    Would it be dominated by Cisco wireless issues like the EDUCAUSE list?
    I know Cisco is the largest wireless vendor, but it appears to have a disproportionate number of issues.


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