Reconnecting With Earl, the Back-Country Tablet That May Or May Not Happen

Back in 2013, I did a pre-review of one of the neatest gadgets I’d gotten wind of in quite a while. If the initiative could get funding (it did), and if the makers could jam a bunch of potentially interfering radios under it’s very small hood (not happened yet), a tablet like no other would be introduced. If you’re an outdoors person or radio hobbyist (or both), the idea of Earl will tickle your fancy.

You can see what’s on the mind of Earl Nation in the forums, as they follow the tablet’s development.

And you can also see the development trail here. In the latest post, the future of Earl starts to sound a little murky.

Since the initial notion, there have been a couple of affordable waterproof tablets released (Samsung and Sony) that might reduce people’s interest in Earl, though those units certainly lack the suite of radio technologies that Earl promises.

Will we ever see Earl, or something similar in a tablet? I still standby my initial skepticism on the ability to put the likes of FRS radio technology in a tablet (and have it work effectively), but at the same time I find the ambition behind Earl utterly fascinating.

This is one to watch, just because it’s an odd duck with a lot of passion behind it.

Tell me what YOU think.

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