A Discussion That WLAN Professionals Should Get In On

Are you interested in the future of wireless networking? Are you satisfied with the way client devices are evolving (or not evolving) and with the feature-fragmented nature of the overall WLAN client device pool?

Do you consider the notion of “interoperability” to be more lip-service than realized deliverable when it comes to the status quo in WLANville?

Whether things seem peachy-swell to you, or in need of serious reform by industry-shapers like the Wi-Fi Alliance, I encourage you to click over to a current article by Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa now running in Network Computing (I also happen to write for them).

Edgar asks “What’s your Wi-Fi strategy for 2015?” For many of us, the answer is:

trying to design and maintain high-performing, secure WLAN environments while the industry works against itself with excellent infrastructure devices on one end, and horribly-implemented client devices on the other.”

There aren’t many opportunities to interact with the Wi-Fi Alliance directly, so from one WLAN Pro to another I encourage you to make your own opinions known in the comments of the article. Hopefully Edgar will reply, and we can gain a sense of why things are the way they are in the client device space- and whether we should realistically expect any relief in the near future.


One thought on “A Discussion That WLAN Professionals Should Get In On

  1. gcatewifi

    Great blog, Lee. Hopefully, WFA has a response and even better, a strategy to help resolve these issues. “Sucky” client devices (hey, a new technical term for my WLAN dictionary!) not only make the WLAN professional’s job harder, they provide this hugely false sense of security for the clients we serve. WFA can help this issue by stepping up and leading!.


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