2014 WLAN in Review- A Different Perspective

I’ve done my share of  “year in review” articles for a number of magazines over my many years of writing. It’s healthy to look to back at the major trends, concerns, and technologies that have shaped our wireless world in 2014, and to contemplate  what’s ahead as we move toward the new year. In this blog, I’ll do the first part, and share with you topics that were on my own radar over the past several months.  I’ll leave the “looking ahead” exercise to others on this go round, but it’s pretty obvious that many of the following topics will stay important to all of us.

Rather than drone on in text, I thought I’d do this one a little differently. See how many of these were important to you this year, and please let me know what I forgot. Here we go…


Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

1 ap per

5 GHz



Field Day





public wifi

Social Wi-FI

stadium wifi




wlan pros





engagement platform

point to point

WLAN management

No doubt there have been other topics to fill my time with over the past year, but these are the big ones. What about you? What kept you busy in 2014 that I didn’t mention here?

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