Yosemite Wi-Fi Issues- Why, Apple? Why?

Maybe Apple doesn’t charge enough for their products to be able to afford better QA. 


One thing is for sure- the excitement that comes with every new Apple OS is usually matched by the frustration of the company perpetually doing goofy things in the wireless parts of their devices (and seemingly not really testing very well).

And… because it’s Apple, customers will blame the WLAN. Everybody wins!

(Well, except those of us who have to deal with Apple’s messes.)


Update- weeks later, Apple has (hopefully) addressed the issue.

3 thoughts on “Yosemite Wi-Fi Issues- Why, Apple? Why?

  1. Frank

    Press Release: Mac OS 10..0 Found to Have Major Wireless Issues

    Apple has released released the latest major revision of their operating system, Mac OS version 10..0, and many online forums are lighting up with wireless complaints. While a few people cannot connect outright, the vast majority are experiencing poor performance, often starting out acceptable but quickly degrading over time. The problems are less likely to occur when connecting to an Apple Airport network, but even they are not completely immune. While Apple has not officially addmitted to any widespread problems, inside sources say they are internally devoting a large amount of resources to fixing the glitches.

    This mirrors similar problems observed in the initial releases of Mac OS 10. and 10., both of which had their fair share of wireless issues. While the initial .1 patch helped substantially in both cases, the wireless problems didn’t fully subside until around the .4 release. Apple has firmly denied any kind of pattern in these problems, but promised that even if there were they would get it right the first time in 10. for sure.

    1. wirednot Post author

      Thanks for the note, Frank. It’s interesting to me that customers of Microsoft and Cisco (among others) get furious when bad code and buggy behavior are habitually turned loose. Apple appears to have perfected a self-insulating condition- the culture shared by customers seems to amount to “We pay more and our devices are shinier, nicer, and better, so the problem has to be with your network. Now fix it, or we’ll tweet nasty things about the network because you don’t support this world-class OS the way you should”. Apple too often gets a free pass… but then again, it’s exactly easy to communicate with Apple, either.


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