In-Flight Wi-Fi- On the Way to Wireless Field Day 7

This morning at 0-dark-thirty I boarded an MD-88 out of Syracuse, heading for Minneapolis and eventually on to San Jose. Given that this week is all about wireless networking, I figured I’d start things off by looking in on the in-flight network through the tools I had handy in my bag.

This won’t be one of those wordy blogs; I’ll let the pictures do the talking. And what they’ll say is that GoGo is the service, dual-band Cisco APs are in use, and the coverage is pretty good. Bear in mind, the MD-88 is around 130 feet long in the cabin (like 148 total) and 11 feet wide. In the config I flew in, it seats 155. These situational parameters no doubt have your WLAN design juices flowing. Also note how Delta is making the presence of Wi-Fi on the flight known, and that around a dozen users opted to pay for the service as of this Fing snapshot.


image IMG_20140805_082628 Screenshot_2014-08-05-07-56-42 Screenshot_2014-08-05-07-57-42 Screenshot_2014-08-05-07-58-29 Screenshot_2014-08-05-07-58-39 Screenshot_2014-08-05-07-59-45 Screenshot_2014-08-05-07-59-58 Screenshot_2014-08-05-08-00-45 Screenshot_2014-08-05-08-05-11 Screenshot_2014-08-05-08-22-53

4 thoughts on “In-Flight Wi-Fi- On the Way to Wireless Field Day 7

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  3. Bob

    Interesting data! Scary thought of the day…..I wonder how long it will be before airlines start using the onboard internet/wifi for plane controls or other devices.

    1. wirednot Post author

      There was a recent article where *supposedly* you can hack the typical airliner’s control systems via the onboard Wi-Fi. It sounds like an extremely complicated process…

      As for Wi-Fi based flight systems, not so sure I’d want to be on that airline!


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