Know something Wi-Fi…Know everything Wi-Fi


pith_helmet1What does cultural anthropology have to do with Wi-Fi?  Well, don your pith helmet and join me on a brief but interesting trek into the dark forests of Wlandia!  “Dr Livingstone, I presume?” will lead us on this thrilling expedition, using his RTLS finder.

(For a good bio on the amazing life of Dr. David Livingstone, check out )

As I was doing undergraduate work in cultural anthropology, we sort of had the “taking a drink from a fire hose” feeling on a regular basis–information overload!  So, a student complained one day, “how can you expect us to know all this stuff about every culture?”  The professor then presented a golden nugget to this university class–a gem of knowledge that I have never forgotten to this day.  He mentioned to us that we would never be able to know everything about every world culture (except for the next exam…

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