Two New WLAN Controller Announcements

Regardless of what side of the “Controller vs Cloud-Managed” or “Thin vs Fat APs” debates you support, new entries continue to roll out in each space. (Us sophisticated types see value and detractors in each model, and aloofly chuckle at those who disagree with us.) This week saw a couple of new controller-related announcements come out, which really doesn’t rise to the level of news in and of itself. But at the same time…

It’s always curious when the crowded WLAN market hears noise from smaller players that typically don’t make it onto most of our radars. Like ZyXEL and Samung. Both have new controller-based WLAN products sets, including controllers and access points. I personally have never touched wireless gear from either vendor, and so neither endorse nor ding these guys- I’m just passing the news along in the name of market awareness.

Samsung’s New Stuff

  • WEA400 11ac Access Point (not on the Samsung website yet)
  • WEC8050 SMB WLAN Controller (supports to 75 APs, 1,500 client devices)

I only recently learned that this part of Samsung is called STA- Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC. Live and learn… PR on the new gear can be found here.

And from ZyXEL?

  • NXC5500 WLAN Controller (manages up to 512 APs, six 1-GB uplinks, supports 16K client devices) lists at $3399
  • NWA5301-NJ Wall Plate AP (Ethernet, 11b/g/n Wi-FI and phone connectivity in one enclosure) lists at $139

Press release on zyXEL’s new stuff here.

Chances are, the likes of Cisco, Aruba, and Ruckus aren’t worried too much about either STA or ZyXEL. But it’s always nice to see more choices on the market in the name of competition and innovation, and solutions that seem to have respectable feature sets at costs that are far below the industry big guns for those looking for good Wi-Fi at budget prices.

Tell me what YOU think.

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