A Quick Look At A Big Busy WLAN

AP Counts

There’s a lot that this 2D picture doesn’t say, but at the same time I thought I’d share as I update some of my documentation.

These are Cisco access point counts per building on part of my campus. Each building has it’s own story (user counts, building construction and number of floors, whether 11n or 11ac is in use, client demographics by concentration of device types,  what the building and spaces in it are used for, etc),.  This is simply a snapshot in time as there are projects in progress that will change the numbers, and everything behind them.

This is just a slice of our WLAN environment, and I find it to be an interesting, though somewhat contextless to the outsider, look at a big WLAN that services 22K+ simultaneous client devices during busy daily peaks.

Though our BIG NETWORK amounts to doing wireless for a small city, we also have several smaller environments. Here’s a fun one, a conference center we support out in the sticks using Meraki APs:

AP Counts Minnow

Sometimes it’s fun just to let Google Earth do it’s thing on your behalf…  No real points being made here, but the really geeky among us might enjoy the views.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Look At A Big Busy WLAN

  1. John Cochran

    Thank you for sharing this with the community. If my math is right (or close) that’s 1,422 on the main campus? I thought I could ask Siri to add them up as I read them off but that doesn’t work so I did it in my head.

    I just passed the 600th AP deployed mark as I work through a complete wireless refresh across 28+ buildings through out the County I work for. Now when people gasp at the # of APs instead of putting them to sleep with the science I’ll just show them your campus 🙂

    I would love to hear how you’re handling wireless in a stadium setting. Football size, basketball size arena, indoor swimming complex etc. I have a couple of smaller such locations and I’m cringing at having to tackle them.

    Thank you again for sharing.

    – John

    1. wirednot Post author

      Thanks for the note, John. This isn’t the whole view, by any stretch. We have almost 4K APs total, this is just one of our “main” areas. Sounds like you have your hands full as well! The “venue” paradigm is complicated, and I’d be happy to share my opinions and experience on a call sometime if you’d like. Way too much to type out.


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