How to Lose Networking Customers

I may have to quit hanging out with some of the best minds in wireless and networking. These folks are stodgy, with a warped insistence on mastering their crafts and designing good systems. Follow ’em on Twitter and LinkedIn and you’ll be subjected to a constant drone of sound technical advice, mutual encouragement to always strive for excellence, and a wealth of networking how-to.

And it’s boring, I tellya. 

Anyone can build a company of skilled staff that offers quality services, and go out and get some customers. (Yawn.) You wanna kick it up a notch and live the exciting life? Then you need to start thinking about how to lose customers. That’s right- you can actually buck the trends and take your career in the opposite direction, and I’m here to help with some free advice.

Back in the day, I wrote a monthly piece for the now-defunct Cabling Business Magazine. I just stumbled across a zip disk (shut up…) of old articles, and found one from 2006 that is as relevant today as was back then. This primer is for those in the networking business that are tired of being successful and want to shake up their careers a bit. 

Sure, I could be charging for this guidance, but for today only I offer it at no cost to you- because you’re my number one customer!


Actually, this piece was written as an homage of sorts to a couple of slimy gents I had the misfortune of being associated with in another part of my career. Most of what’s in this tongue-in-cheek article has basis in actual real-life scenarios. It had been long-forgotten, but when I happened to find it again, it seemed worth sharing. Enjoy- I’m sure some of you have seen similar…

Tell me what YOU think.

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