Live From Interop- On Ruckus Wi-Fi

So here I am at Interop, coming to you from the Mandalay Bay Hotel at the end of the famous Vegas strip. This prestigious IT event is expected to bring in around 12,000 participants, and I hope to see a lot of them at my own sessions (I’m the Chairman for the Mobility Track for this edition of Interop.) And while we’re all here, we’ll be making use of the conference-provided Wi-Fi.

Getting Wi-Fi service properly working for the wildly varying client base under some of the toughest RF conditions around is always a challenge at these events, and it can be risky to the reputation of whatever brave company takes on the duty. This time around, that brave company is Ruckus Wireless. 

Given my lofty status as a media type and industry analyst, I worked my extensive intelligence network of insiders, moles, turncoats, stoolies, and blabbermouths to get the confidential scoop on what Ruckus is doing to make it all work. Well, I would have done all of that, had Ruckus not provided me with a press release on their setup. Here’s what The Dog has going on here in support of Interop:

A full press release is here.

As I pen this, I’ve not yet formed an opinion on the network yet, but there will be more to come on that.

Ruckus Wireless will be at Booth 642 during the Expo- stop by, get a tour of their product set and a demo on SPoT, as location analytics are hot tech these days.

Are you at Interop? Add your comments here and let me know how the Ruckus/Acrux experience is working for you.

Are you a Ruckus customer? The same invitation is extended to you- let me and your fellow readers know how your Ruckus Wi-FI experience is going for you.





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