Cloudpath Makes the Case For XpressConnect ES at Wireless Field Day 6

Among all of the Wireless Field Day 6 sessions I was privileged to attend, Cloudpath’s was the most personal to me. 

As a years’ running Cloudpath customer, I’ve seen countless thousands of client devices properly configured and on-boarded properly to my Larger Than Usual 802.1X-based WLAN with the company’s XpressConnect solution. I’ve exchanged my share of emails with Cloudpath’s Founder and CEO Kevin Koster through the years, and have been impressed with the company’s support responsiveness and ability to react swiftly to every goofy change the OS makers of the world throw at their customers’ WLAN client utilities in the form of XpressConnect updates.

All that being said, to meet Koster in person was an absolute gift.

Kind of like the gents from Idaho-based MetaGeek, when you meet Kevin you can tell he’s not a Silicon Valley Regular. He may in fact be the most laid-back Founder and CEO that I’ve ever met, despite the many awards garnered by his Colorado-based Cloudpath Networks, Inc. But when Koster starts talking about the why and how of his XpressConnect ES (for Enrollment System), watch out- he is the Grandmaster Mac-Daddy of Secure WLAN Provisioning and you can tell that it’s his passion.

At Wireless Field Day 6, Koster schooled the delegates on why PEAP is getting long in the tooth as an EAP type, and why the once-daunting certificate-based TLS should is where to go next. With tight integration to Microsoft environments (but the ability to work with all OS types) and built in Certificate Authority, XpressConnect SE configures as easily as the original XpressConnect wizardy sorta paradigm, but goes a lot further in sophistication and device control. Even non-802.1x devices and guests have a place in Koster’s ES, and it’s a pretty slick WLAN-agnostic alternative to the likes of Clearpass and ISE (and likely less expensive in many cases).

But don’t take my word for it- watch Kevin do his thing at Wireless Field Day 6.

You can’t use the secure network if you can’t get on the secure network.


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