One Picture Says It All- What’s Wrong With The WLAN Industry

At first it seems kind of…. you know- amusing. (From Cisco WLAN hot issues RSS)


But when the essence of what’s being said rolls around in your head a bit, it un-funnies itself. It becomes a somewhat sad statement on a number of things at play in the WLAN industry right now. 

(Hint: think hyper-proprietary… of hardware, vendor internal system protocols, but most profound- of mindset.)

And that’s all I’m saying about that.

2 thoughts on “One Picture Says It All- What’s Wrong With The WLAN Industry

  1. mybkvu

    Are you sure this isn’t more an image of what’s still wrong with Cisco? I guess I hope others would pay at least minimum lip service to the problem.

    1. wirednot Post author

      Thanks for comment, Bob. You’re right, of course- that the #1 WLAN company in the market could have something so absurdly aloof as a “workaround” does indicate a degree of arrogance and deficiency in “WLAN Market World” good citizenship. It’s a message that never should have been approved, and tells people “our stuff only works with our stuff, and when our stuff doesn’t work with other stuff, the other stuff is automatically at fault.” Pffffffft. Not to mention just being an assy answer to what probably started off as bona fide customer concern.

      At the same time, if you peel the onion back a layer, you hit on one of my hot buttons. The reality is that nobody’s WLAN gear works with anybody else’s, period. It’s a very proprietary-minded market with no interest in interoperability at the system hardware level. Perhaps that culture rubbed off on whatever dimwit came up with the “use Cisco APs” message cited here.


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